Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Pasta Sweet Corn & Zucchini!

What did you make? Summer Pasta Sweet Corn & Zucchini
How did it turn out? Delicious!
Did you follow directions or make changes?  Followed directions, but didn't do much measuring.  I was so bummed to have forgotten the garlic at the grocery store, so used garlic powder. I also went very easy on the basil. I used shell pasta and included lots of the "optional" fresh Parmesan.
Would you make it again?  Definitely! When I was making it, I knew I would love it, but wasn't sure if Rob would. It was covered in garlic-y butter-y yumminess, but is a pretty mild flavor over all. Rob always thinks mild things have no flavor, but he loved it! It helped that I heaped fresh parmesan on his serving, but he really LOVED it!
Any tips or advice? Nope, except try it while the summer veggies are in season! The fresh sweet corn was such a great flavor in the pasta.
- Sierra

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