Monday, September 12, 2011

Baked Club Pinwheel

What did you make?
Baked Club Pinwheels!
Plain Chicken
How did it turn out?
Good! The whole family enjoyed it. It was posted as an appetizer idea, but we cut it into larger pieces and served it with fries and fruit for dinner.
Did you follow directions or make changes? I followed the basic directions, except that I cooked chicken breast tenders in ooloive oil in a skillet and replaced the deli meat that it called for with that. I was tempted to use turkey bacon too, but thought my husband would enjoy me using real bacon once in awhile. :) I am glad I did because we lost a lot of the salt and flavor by not using the deli meat, so real bacon added some good flavor.

Would you make it again?
Definitely. Super easy and yummy.
Any tips or advice?
I would definitely recommend the healthier, grilled chicken option, and also to make sure to use enough cheese. I think I went a little light unintentionally since I didn't measure and it could have used the whole cup and maybe more. You could also add some avocado or mushrooms or something for some veggie nutrition and extra flavor.

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