Saturday, September 24, 2011

Am I too old for this? No! Tangled paper doll!
What did you make?
Well I didn't really MAKE anything..but I printed and cut out a Rapunzel paper doll with all of her clothes. :)
How did it turn out?
Good! I did a pretty good job cutting if I do say so myself! I meant to print it on cardstock, but forgot to put the paper in. It used a lot of ink to print, so I figure I will stick with these until they get beat up, then I will re-print. This is fun! I feel 5!
Did you follow directions or make changes? There were no directions, other than to print, and cut them out. I used my Creative Memories mat and razors to cut along the little slits. It turned out very well! I am going to purchase some magnets to put on the back, and put them on our fridge.
Would you make it again?
Um..Yes. :)
Any tips or advice?
Using the razor along the little slits will make it clean. I cannot imagine cutting this out with it. While it is not extremely difficult, there are several little details to cute around, so it did take a little awhile. I did it while watching a movie. :)

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