Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lemon Cornmeal cookies!

What did you make? Lemon Cornmeal cookies! 
How did it turn out? They were decent. Super quick and easy to mix up, didn't need a lot of ingredient. They tasted fine, they just weren't really exciting. Several people we had over ate them all and said they liked them.
Did you follow directions or make changes?  It called for lemon zest which I substiuted half the amount in lemon extract instead. It recommended pinching off dough, rolling into balls, and flattening slightly. I did that and they didnt change shape, they were just boring, smooth balls. So I did some with my cookie scoop and everyone liked that better. It had a nice crunchy texture on top and soft inside.
Would you make it again?  Maybe, if I had an occasion that called for it. I have other recipes that I love more and so if cookie making was happening I have others first in line.
Any tips or advice? They could stand to be a little sweeter and more lemony. These cookies are better bigger rather than smaller, they seemed softer and best tasting that way.


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