Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Best Meatloaf!

(Allrecipe original picture)
What did you make? Meatloaf!
Allrecipes Eileens Meatloaf

How did it turn out? Delicious! And I have never been a meatloaf gal before.

Did you follow directions or make changes?  It called for grated Parmesan cheese which I didn't have so I just left out. Also called for bread crumbs which I substituted oats for. Lastly, I made a glaze for the top, couple tablespoons of ketchup and honey mustard mixed up and brushed on top. Sounds weird but was so good!
Would you make it again?  Heck yes! I made it two weeks ago and it was so good I wanted it again before starting my HCG diet so I made it this weekend. I made it a few days ahead and froze it. I thought meatloaf was a good freezer meal but maybe not. It was fine but it seemed slightly less flavorful than the first time (unless i messed something up?) Still really good though. And when we cut it up this second time it was more dense and harder to serve. Because of that it was looking ugly and I decided not to take a picture of it. A thought, I may have slightly overcooked it the second time, and thats why it was so dense?

Any tips or advice? Make it and bake it on the spot, in case freezing changed it. Its super quick and easy! Serve with mashed potatoes and green beans! Nom nom nom

- Michelle

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