Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kitchen Command Center

What did you make?
Kitchen Command Center

How did it turn out?

Did you follow directions or make changes?
I spent a good amount of time really thinking about what I wanted to include and looking at other ideas (although this was my primary inspiration).  I ended up purchasing a 12x24 canvas and stapling fabric to it, then overlaying vinyl to create our family name.  Next, I laid a piece of fabric behind a picture frame and then used vinyl to create squares for a calendar, a space for notes & spots for more detailed notes for the current week (the notes & current week section are actually on top of the fabric & under the glass making it dry erase, while the calendar is chalkboard vinyl and on top of the glass).  Under that are 4 pieces of cork with fabric hot glued on, perfect for pinning bills or important paperwork (I ended up doubling up the cork squares to make them thicker so the pins would not go through into the wall).  Finally, I found dry erase/magnet boards at Walmart & used vinyl to put all of our names on them.  I ordered a bunch of chore magnets from Abbie's House (Etsy store) and they fill the board with no names on it.     
Would you make it again?
I don't really have a need to make it again, but I will certainly keep it :)
Any tips or advice?
I got chalkboard markers for the calendar portion & found out that on the glass, they work just like dry erase, but are much more vibrant in color and don't wipe off so easily (they wipe off with water).  I haven't tried them on the dry erase board because I'm afraid they won't come off, but on the glass they are perfect!

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