Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Andy's Birthday: Lego Head Freezer Paper Shirt!

What did you make? Lego Head Freezer Paper Shirt!
For shirt idea:
Etsy Lego Man Shirt
For freezer paper tutorial:
i am momma hear me roar Freezer Paper Shirt

How did it turn out? GREAT! I bought a regular t-shirt at target for about $6, some freezer paper, fabric paint for $3, and used foam brushes. I made my lego head template in the computer, printed it out, cut it out, traced it out onto the freezer paper, cut it out again! Then I ironed on the shirt, and painted away! It has to lay flat for four hours for drying. Andy was ecstatic!
Did you follow directions or make changes?  I followed the directions perfectly! And it turned out perfectly! 
Would you make it again?  Heck yes! And Andy is excited to make all kinds of shirts with me! This is a great way to make awesome homemade presents for cheap!
Any tips or advice? Just make sure your freezer paper is ironed on really well, check all your corners. I also recommend using a regular paint brush as my foam brush was leaving little fibers behind. I found another freezer paper tutorial last night that said when your paint is completely dry to put a piece of cloth over it and iron it again to seal it. I did not do that as Andy's present was already opened and on his body! Will remember for next time. Also, just an FYI- the paint dries and it leaves kind of a scratchy texture, but I believe it softens up with washing and drying.