Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Command Center!

What did you make? A command center! I didn't follow directions from one specific source, but made my own based on lots of different ones. If you type in "Command Center" on Pinterest, they are many to view.
How did it turn out? I like it! It is a small one - it is all we have space for and all we need right now.
Did you follow directions or make changes?  I used the ideas found from multiple examples, including Vanessa's. :) The top right square is a corkboard with a piece of 12x12 paper glued on with push pins for hanging important to-dos, the bottom is a dry erase board and the bottom left is a mini calendar. The top left is a wooden letter from Michaels that I painted. I highly recommend using command strips for hanging as the foam squares that come with the corkboard just fell off of the products and left stickiness all over the walls.
Would you make it again?  When we move or need an upgrade for sure! I want to add a low profile mail slot/file holder to the wall adjacent to it on the right. I haven't found one yet though. Eventually it will include chores and the weekly menus too.


  1. I wanted to add a mail slot so bad, but couldn't find one small enough & figure out how to fit it :(

  2. i keep looking at this and thinking "s" for sierra, hahaha