Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Andy's Birthday: Lego Cake!

What did you make? Andy's Birthday: Lego Cake!
Betty Crocker Block Cakes

How did it turn out? OK! It was definitely a lot of fun. It was really hard though! Who knew it was so hard to get frosting smooth? I need to get myself an angled spatula and stop using butter knives. I had a major bummer moment, the cake hadn't cooled enough and I went to get it out of the pan and it broke! It was supposed to be rectangular and twice as tall. The little square was all I was able to salvage. It worked out ok though because it was less space to frost and Andy wouldn't be able to eat all that anyway!
Did you follow directions or make changes?  I pretty much followed all the directions. I cant think of any changes. I really liked her advice on spraying your scissors with cooking spray before you cut your marshmallows and they glide right through. Never would have thought of that!
Would you make it again?
  Sure? I dont think I need to anytime soon, maybe one day again for my little boy's birthday! It was interesting experience, but may never make again.
Any tips or advice? Get yourself an angled spatula! Frost your cake on a different plate and move it to the final plate when you are done. Also, since you have to trim off the dome because you want a flat cake I definitely recommend doing a crumb coat before your final coating to seal in all those loose crummy sides and top.

- Michelle

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