Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Frozen Banana Bites

(never home maker original picture)
(never home) maker Frozen Banana Bites
How did it turn out? 
They were really good after being in the freezer about an hour, but staying in longer made them so hard (too hard for me to really enjoy them).  I tried to let them thaw a little, but that just made the chocolate begin to melt and they were a mess.
Did you follow directions or make changes?  
I followed all the directions. I did end up using a spoon to coat most of the bananas as the bowl of chocolate got closer to being empty.  
Would you make it again?
Yes, but not as a make-ahead snack and in a smaller amount.
Any tips or advice?
 After being in the freezer about an hour, they still taste like banana, when you keep them in longer they loose the banana taste and are more like vanilla ice cream.  I guess it's all about preference :)
- Vanessa

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