Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Andy's Birthday: Lego Head Pops!

What did you make? Lego Head Pops!
Living Locurto Lego Cake Pops & Marshmallow Treats
How did it turn out? Great! Andy LOVED them! He even took them to work to show them off. But it was harder than I thought. It didn't dip well, I actually had to spoon the candy melts on and then smooth it out over the marshmallow.
Did you follow directions or make changes?  The directions were pretty basic. I didn't do any cake pops, just jet-puffed marshmallows because they were the perfect shape with cut in half mini marshmallows on top.
Would you make it again?
  The lego heads- yeah if I had an occasion to! I will definitely be making plenty of other cake pops in the future! Such fun!
Any tips or advice? The more melted the candy melts are the better. I will have to read my cake pop book and see if there are any tips in there. I feel like it needed to be runnier. I remember reading that you dip it and shake off the excess, there was no excess being shaken off, it was thick and staying right on that marshmallow! I will edit this if I find any tips on getting it thinned out but still hardening right.

- Michelle

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