Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hair Bow Holder!

What did you make? A Bow Holder for Noelle
How did it turn out? Cute! I am pleased and it should help us not lose her bows all over the house. 
Did you follow directions or make changes?  The pin actually didn't lead to any directions, just a blog with a woman selling them. So, I just made it up - super easy. I took an unfinished frame from Michaels (no glass or backing), painted it black and attached two colors of ribbon to the back of the frame. They are just glued in place now until I borrow my Mom's staple gun, which will be necessary to help the ribbons hold up to lots of clipping and unclipping.
Would you make it again?  Definitely! It would be a fun gift.
Any tips or advice? Not particularly, just that it is definitely worth making rather than buying! Only takes a few dollars and a few minutes!
- Sierra

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