Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Band-Aid Get Well Card!

(flikr original image)  
What did you make? A Get Well Card!
How did it turn out? So cute! I made this for our grandma Shirley who isn't feeling well. The funny thing is...after I sent it I found out that both Michelle AND Sierra were planning on making her the exact same card! HAHA! They had both purchased the googly eyes and were just about to make them...glad I beat them to it. ;) 
Did you follow directions or make changes?  I honestly didn't read the directions..I'm not quite sure if there were any! It's pretty self explainatory though when you look at the photo. I used different colors of paper and wrote "Get Well Soon!" using sparkly scrapbooking letters. I used photo adhesives to stick on the eyes..I hope it help up in the mail. They seemed pretty secure so I'm not worried.

Would you make it again?
  Yes! Although, Michelle already called dibs on sending out the next one to a family member!

Any tips or advice? Not really. One thing that kind of grossed me out was that the card smelled like a band-aid... sort of nasty. :) But I cant see a way around that! Cant spray it with perfume...that would make your paper blotchy! :)
- Leah


  1. So cute...I'm sure it made her smile :)

  2. You could spray the back of the card with perfume, then the blotches wouldn't be a big deal. Or even spray the bandaids with perfume before you attach them to the card?