Monday, September 12, 2011

Cheater Waffles!

What did you make? Easy Biscuit Waffles
How did it turn out? Pretty Good! You take a can of refrigerated biscuits and put them right on the waffle maker! I love the idea of quick waffles, they just don't happen more than once a year otherwise.
Did you follow directions or make changes?  I followed directions, even down to what type of biscuits to buy- Grands Homestyle Buttermilk. She said it takes 1-2 mins to cook, I found when I set my waffle iron to number 2, they were cooked through perfectly when the timer went off and it was 2 mins and 40 seconds! :)
Would you make it again?  Yes! This could be great when company comes over and you need something quick. Just have butter and syrup, or whip cream and strawberries on hand! Each person really only needs 1 biscuit because they squish out a lot and they are dense . That means you can feed 8 people for the $1.99 a can! (besides the toppings and some eggs on the side) Yay!
Any tips or advice? The homestyle buttermilk biscuits were very 'biscuit' tasting and dense, I would like to try with a different kind next time. I am thinking the Grands Flakey. Although they do flake off in layers, I like their flavor better and they are a lot lighter, as waffles usually are, rather than dense like the buttermilk.
This was a fun experiment!
- Michelle

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