Monday, October 10, 2011

WallPapering Shelves!
What did you make? "Wallpapered" Shelves!
How did it turn out? Great! It was so easy, I am almost embarrassed to do a post on it, but I was so happy with the result. It was one of those easy, "Why didn't I think of that before?" projects.
Did you follow directions or make changes? I didn't read the directions, there weren't even any to read actually. I just saw the idea for painting the back of shelving units with a contrasting color and knew I needed to do it. We have a shelving unit over the toilet in our bathroom that has seen better days. Some cleaner also leaked from the cabinet and left orange streaks down it making it even worse. It belongs to the owner of our house, so I needed something temporary. So I bought two sheets of 12x12 scrapbooking paper and just slid them in place, not even adhesive was necessary.
Would you make it again? For sure! I love the contrast and pop up color. I forsee painting or wallpapering shelf backgrounds around my house for years to come!
Any tips or advice? Nope!

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