Monday, October 10, 2011

Apple Crisp!

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All Recipes Apple Crisp II

What did you make? Apple Crisp!
How did it turn out? Delicious! Rob had requested it after we got apples from the apple farm, and we have eaten it every night for the last three nights! Yum!
Did you follow directions and make changes? I mostly followed directions, but made the changes that other reviewers suggested. I made it in a 9x9 pan, instead of 9x13, and halved my apple mixture, but kept the crust measurements the same. This allowed me to put some crust on the bottom of the apples. I also mixed the apples in a bowl with the spices rather than just sprinkling them on top, and halved the water to 1/4 cup. I aded nutmeg to this mixture. Also, I just softened the butter in teh crust mixture instead of melting it.
Would you make it again? For sure! I think I am going to experiment a bit more with other recipes and ingredients though, as we would like a crust that is a bit more substantial - bigger chunks and maybe doughier. The flavor was amazing though!
Any tips or advice? Not really. I would make the changes that I made above to the recipe though. I think they really helped. We ate it with Vanilla Bean ice cream, which I would not leave out!



  1. yum! i have been wanting to make this!

  2. hey, i totally commented on this last week and now its not here. I had a questions, but now I cant remember it. But the part that was funny was that I needed to make this because Andy had asked for it two weeks in a row. When I asked him this week what I should bake he said, "Apple crisp, why do I have to keep answering this question?" hahahahaha.