Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Rollups!

What did you make? Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Rollups! :)
How did it turn out? Delicious!
Did you follow directions and make changes? I followed the directions, except I used gluten free pasta (because that is what was on sale at Whole Foods :). I thought it was delicious, except the pasta package said "do not cook ahead". I wasn't sure exactly what that meant, so I went ahead and only made 4 roll-ups. Sure enough, when I went to eat my left-overs, the pasta had turned hard. ?!
Would you make it again? Yes! :) Probably next week!
Any tips or advice? Don't make it with gluten free pasta (if you plan having left-overs)...and you love it! :)

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