Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cream Cheese Cookies!
I went to get the link, and its gone! Says its pinned from "none" ??

What did you make? The Best Cream Cheese Cookies!
How did it turn out? Pretty good! I thought the flavor and texture turned out nice. I wasnt super excited about them, but I think its because I am more of a cinnamon and oats girl when it comes to cookies, and these were so different. But then today I ate a ton, they are good.
Did you follow directions or make changes? I followed the directions exactly, except that they needed to bake 9 minutes, not 7. 
Would you make it again? Yes, I think so! I think next time I am going to use lemon extract instead of vanilla and see what happens. I think these cookies would be great with a hint of lemon.
Any tips or advice? No, I dont think so. They were really easy. Just make sure your cream cheese and butter truly are at room temperature so you dont get any chunks when you cream them with the sugar.

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