Thursday, November 24, 2011

Smashed Potates! (yes, you read that right)

{for the love of cooking original photo (did get one, we were hungry and it was dinner time! shoot!)}
fortheloveofcooking crash-hot-potatoes
What did you make? Crash Hot Potatoes!
How did it turn out? Good! Mine didnt look as pretty as the picture, but they tasted good! 
Did you follow directions or make changes? I followed the prep instructions, but I didnt have little red potatoes, so used the little fingerling ones instead. They are long instead of round, and so they didnt stand up, and I think thats why they turned out a little less pretty when I smashed them. Several were smashed on their side rather than smashed from the top down. Flavor wise I dont think it makes a difference.
Would you make it again? Yes! It was a nice side dish, and easy too.
Any tips or advice?  No, I dont think so. I guess just to take your time and actually drizzle the olive oil. I was rushed and so I brushed it on instead cause thats faster, but I think using the brush there was a little bit too much.

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